"What's In Battle Bars?" Part 1: Antioxidants

While we love the comments about our bars tasting like a candy bar, we are happy to admit that they’re miles away from one in terms of their nutritional value. Our mostly organic Battle Bars hits all the necessary staples of a good protein bar: delicious taste, high protein, high fiber and clean ingredients. We didn’t think we should stop there, so we also added a key part of our protein bars, our own OPC Blend.  

What’s in it?

The Battle Bars OPC blend is a mix of antioxidant rich ingredients which includes the following:

1. Grape Seed Extract

Out of all the ingredients in our OPC Blend, grape seed extract might have the most claimed benefits. Those include helping to reduce blood pressure, reduce oxidative damage, improve bone strength, brain support and improved collagen levels in your joints. It’s tasteless, powerful and an important piece of our functional OPC blend in every Battle Bar.

2. Red Wine Extract

A glass of wine a day…keeps the doctor away? Kind of. You may have unknowingly taken red wine extract in a supplement more popularly know as Resveratrol. Resveratrol is actually a plant compound that acts like an antioxidant. Red wine extract is often claimed as helping to lower blood pressure, having a positive effect on blood fats, protecting the brain and more.

3. Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark doesn’t sound so appetizing but maybe you’ll find the health benefits more appealing. One of the first documented use of pine bark extract goes all the way back to France in the 1500’s, when explorer Jacques Cartier and his sailors struggled with scurvy (a Vitamin C deficiency). Pine Bark is packed with Vitamin C as well as numerous phytochemicals that are known to have health benefits like improving blood flow, balancing blood sugars and protecting skin from sun damage.

4. Bilberry Extract

Bilberries may not be common in your local grocery store. They are a dark blue fruit, similar in appearance to blueberries with a smaller, softer and darker profile. Research studies indicate that a compound in Bilberries called anthocyanosides appear to promote blood vessel strength, improve circulation, lower blood glucose levels and even help in diabetes related retinopathy. Pretty powerful stuff from a very small berry.

5. Citrus Bioflavonoids

To round out our OPC Blend, we added Citrus Bioflavonoids which are a true rockstar of antioxidant activity. Derived from fruits high in Vitamin C, they appear to act synergistically with vitamins to neutralize free radicals. Some of the health benefits include promoting healthy circulation, protecting collagen levels in your body and strengthening your immune system.

Battle Bars is always committed to full transparency with the ingredients we use, so we hope this explanation of our OPC blend has shined more light on why we chose certain ingredients! We believe in functional ingredients that helps you perform at your absolute limits.

If you’re looking for some serious inspiration, check out Battle Bars athlete Cassandra on Instagram and participate in our #Quadzilla challenge on the post below! Rocking the quad game strong or have a friend who is?

Nominate yourself or them in the comments for a chance to win a free 12 count!

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