21 JAN SITREP: The Year in Reflection

21 JAN SITREP: The Year in Reflection

A Year in Reflection

December 7th of 2019 marked our 1 year anniversary since we first launched Battle Bars. In this first year, a lot has changed and we've grown exponentially from our humble beginnings. 

As such, we thought it would be appropriate to reflect on this first year and highlight all the exciting things that have happened!

One Flavor < Five Flavors

When we launched Battle Bars, we began with the "Blue Falcon" - our loving reference to military jargon. With a delicious blueberry flavor thanks to real blueberries and built on a whey crisp base, it was our opening salvo in our war against bad nutrition and dishonest protein bar companies. 

Since then, we've introduced an additional three flavors: The Chocolate flavored "MOAB" (Mother of All Bars), Peanut Butter covered "K-Bar", and the S'Mores flavored/caffeine infused "FBR" (Full Battle Rattle) bar. 

With a 5th flavor about to join the roster this January, we are continuing to introduce bold and delicious options to our lineup that will continue to raise the standard in the protein bar industry. 

Improved Nutritionals

In our constant quest to improve our products, we took two huge steps towards providing a healthier product to our customers: removal of all corn syrup in favor of natural tapioca, and implementing the use of sustainable palm oil in order to better protect the source of this vital oil and prevent further deforestation in the regions where it originates. Battle Bars continues to find ways to improve and adapt wherever and whenever we can.

Events and Community Outreach

Our company committed to supporting charities and organizations that benefit American veterans. We were extremely fortunate to be able to participate in the Dallas Beast Spartan Race with our partner, Operation Enduring Warrior, and donate to their case. A portion of all profits goes towards supporting OEW and their team. You can read more about Operation Enduring Warrior here: https://www.enduringwarrior.org/

In addition to the Dallas Beast, Battle Bars attended the Schwarber's Neighborhood Heroes event in Chicago, an event organized by professional MLB player Kyle Schwarber. You can read more about his organization here: https://www.schwarbersheroes.org/

New Partner

To coincide with our 1 year anniversary, the Battle Bars team was proud to confirm the appointment of Alex Witt to the role of Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Founders Ian & Colin Sparks have assumed the roles of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, respectively.

Alex is a Navy veteran who served from June 2001 to August 2005, time which included stints in Iraq in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He was honorable discharged and immediately started the transition from active military to civilian life. Witt joined and rose through the ranks of AFN Logistics, a third-party logistics and truckload brokerage firm in Niles, IL, and was instrumental in building AFN into a $250M enterprise.

Please welcome Alex to the team!

Subscriptions & A Website Overhaul

On January 15, we launched a new website that saw several key overhauls and again ties with our goal of improving our quality and customer experience. This new site included the addition of a monthly subscription service, enabling customers to have delicious protein bars delivered to their doorstep on a monthly basis. New apparel and gear has also been added, with new designs en route!



As always, we are tremendously grateful to our customers and partners. We are excited for the year ahead, and hope you are as well!

- Signed, the Battle Bars team





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